Tenancy Agreements

At Cobb Amos we use the most common form of tenancy agreement called an AST or “Assured Shorthold Tenancy” under the 1988 Housing Act (amended 1996).

This type of tenancy offers the most flexibility to both landlord and tenant; has straightforward notice procedures for bringing the tenancy to an end and a special Accelerated Possession court procedure should tenants fail to vacate.

If certain specific conditions are met relating to the proposed letting, a “contractual” non-housing act tenancy must be created. One example of this would be what is commonly referred to as a Company Let where the tenant is a bona fide registered company, another would be where the annual rent equates to over £100,000.

An “Assured” tenancy gives very significant and potentially long-term security of tenure to a tenant and, for which a landlord can only get possession in very limited circumstances.

We use our own “in-house” agreements which are more comprehensive than ones bought off the shelf, please ask if you would like to discuss any clauses