Bespoke and innovative marketing programmes to get you moved effectively

At Cobb Amos our marketing campaign for each property is targeted at a very broad spectrum from the local community to the World Wide Web. We marry quality photography, accurate floorplans with interesting descriptions to communicate your property from your local area right across the world

We advertise locally in the Hereford Times, South Shropshire Journal, Ludlow Advertiser and other publications that are suitable. We are forward thinking agents who offer a down to earth yet professional service to our clients and are proud of our outstanding team of professional staff.

On a broader scale our properties receive additional online exposure from top property portals including Rightmove, OnTheMarket, Zoopla and Prime Location.

We believe that no matter what size or style of property you have, whether you are buying, selling or renting, your property is entitled to an excellent quality brochure with top class photography, a full colour floor plan, accurate descriptions and staff that have visited it to talk about it with our database of buyers and tenants.

We will create a marketing programme to suit your specific needs and are confident in our ability to showcase your property in a way that will find the right person for it.

Open Houses

Open houses are an excellent way of inviting numerous potential buyers to view your home in one set time period. These can be very effective in encouraging people to make a healthy offer promptly as they can witness the level of interest from other people. This also can help you by giving you the chance to present the property as you would like to the maximum number of people quickly and effectively without you having to duplicate your efforts in tidying up. It does mean some non proceedable viewers may attend; typically some of these will not make an individual appointment to view as they don’t want to waste anyone’s time. However if they see it on an open house event and if it is their dream home it may prompt them into getting themselves into a proceedable position so that they can offer. So they are excellent on three main counts:

  • Saves you time
  • Shows the property to more people, which makes an offer more likely
  • Encourages better and more timely offers

Accompanied Viewings

We believe accompanied viewings are a very effective way to sell property. We have consistently accompanied over 70% of all viewings in recent years. (The other 30% are often when a buyer and owner want to meet to discuss finer details about a property once a sale is agreed). Of course it is not mandatory, some owners like to show people around themselves, but we find most buyers like to visit with an agent as it helps them to feel free to discuss anything that doesn’t suit them or any plans they might have to amend or extend without fear of offending the owner.


It is a known fact that a property marketed with a floor plan gets 30% more interest than those without. Consumer surveys have consistently shown that buyers want to see one before they decide whether or not to view. At Cobb Amos we have been using floorplans in our marketing since 2005 and we believe they are a vital tool in ensuring there are less wasted time and more productive viewings. We regularly see potential buyers with scribbled notes and possible changes drawn onto the floor plan to help them decide if a property could be the one for them.

Professional, Elevated and Fabulous Photography

Quality photography has to be a priority when marketing any property. We at Cobb Amos pride ourselves on the efforts that we go to, in ensuring all our property photography is the best it can be. If the property needs elevated or a professional photographer, we can arrange it. The photos we take ourselves are with a good quality digital SLR with a wide angle lens and we work hard to stage any rooms that need a bit of help. Click here for our guide on how you can help.

Before and after elevation photos