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Top Tips For Presenting Your Property

Whatever size property you are selling or letting, it’s important to maximise the rooms to create a sense of space.

For unfurnished letting properties when they are empty, walls can often show marks or picture hooks and carpets can show furniture indents which make a property look less attractive, so a review of how it appears and updating anything you can to ensure the property looks as clean and smart as possible is useful. Keep an eye on the grass and weeds growing and keep them in check.

If the property is empty, it can get a musty smell if locked up and not aired for a period of time, it can help to keep a low level of heat on in Winter and visit regularly to check and air if necessary.

For letting properties that are currently tenanted but due to be vacated shortly, you will be unable to do more than encourage the tenants to help you as much as they can by keeping both the property and garden clean and tidy.

  • Use neutral colours on the walls and the same flooring in downstairs spaces to give the impression of space flowing from one room to another.
  • Bright shades of carpet or distracting patterns are to be avoided. If it is not possible to do this, you can remove rugs, or reduce the numbers of pictures on walls, or paint the one wall facing the window only to reflect the light.
  • Mirrors can help especially in small areas to make the room look longer or wider. They are especially useful in hallways where they can be used to manipulate the perception of space by reflecting light and colour.
  • Be careful to choose the right furniture, for example having too big a dining table in your dining room can make the area shrink.
  • Put up roman blinds rather than curtains in certain rooms.
  • Move clutter and things you don’t use often out of sight, plan your storage carefully. This is especially important in the bedroom, because the less clutter you see, the more relaxing the room will be.
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working

If you follow all of these ideas then you are sure to achieve the maximum use of space in your home, and in turn attain the highest possible price for it and sell or let it quicker.

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