Sell Your Home This Spring by Following These Top Tips

Sell Your Home This Spring by Following These Top Tips

In this two-minute read, we reveal five steps to prepare your home for sale in spring (part two of a two-part article).


If you’re planning a spring move, get ahead of the competition by preparing your property for sale now.


You’d be amazed how a little bit of planning and elbow grease can influence the sale process.


Paying attention to detail can mean the difference between achieving a good price and top price. It can also play a part in the speed of a transaction.


Homes that “stick” – stay on the market for a long time – tend to be in a bad state of repair and poorly presented. (Yes, some buyers are interested in purchasing a doer-upper, but only if they can knock the price right down.)


Buyers like to know what they’re getting. They want to walk into a clean, light, and airy property and visualise themselves living there.


Here are five ways to prepare your home for sale:


  • Get the floors cleaned. It’s tempting to hide those red wine stains under a rug, but eagle-eyed buyers will move furniture and floor coverings to find out what’s underneath. Get your carpets cleaned and if you have floorboards, polish them so that they’re gleaming.


  • Let the light in.A key reason to sell in spring is to take advantage of the natural light. Clean the curtains and make sure you open them before a viewing to show your home at its best.


  • Clean the windows. Grimy, streaky windows are a turn-off and don’t show your house in the best light.


  • Get rid of animal odours. If you were one of the many to get a pandemic puppy, congratulations! We’re sure your furry friend is gorgeous, but it’s inevitable that your home now has a particular doggy smell. Wash the dog’s bedding and pack away all the chew-toys and squeaky toys. Also, invest in some scented candles.


  • Create a grand entrance. Pay careful attention to your front door (does it need a lick of paint?) and hallway as buyers will form an opinion the moment they step over the threshold.Make sure all remnants of winter – muddy boots and heavy coats – are out of sight.


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